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Thiruvanaikkoil Temple is one of the Panchabhoota Sthalams (signifying the 5 natural elements) and represents water ('Neer'). Hence this temple is also reverred as 'Appu Sthalam' and the ShivaLingam here is called as 'Appu Linga'.

The sanctum of Lord Jambukeshwara has an underground water stream. And one can see water coming out of that stream.

The Presiding Deity is Devi Akilandeswari Amman. Akhilandeshwari means 'Ruler of the Universe' (Akilam Universe, Aanda Ruler, Eswari Goddess).

According to the mythological scriptures, Devi Parvathi in Her Incarnation as Devi Akilandeswari performed penance in the Jambu forest (Thiruvanaikoil). She made a Lingam out of water from the river Cauvery, and installed it under the Venn Naaval tree (the Venn Naaval tree on top of Saint Jambu) and commenced her worship. Hence the Lingam is known as Appu Lingam (Water Lingam). Lord Siva at last gave darshan to Devi Akhilandeswari and taught Her Siva Gnana. Devi Akhilandeswari took Upadesa (lessons) facing East from Lord Shiva, who stood facing west.

According to mythological interpretations, Devi Akhilandeswari took Upadesa (lessons) facing East from Lord Shiva, who stood facing West. Hence this Temple is also revered as a Upadesa Sthalam.

Since Devi Akhilandeswari worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple, even today at noon the 'Archakar' (priest) dresses like a female and performs Puja to Lord Jambukeswara and the holy Cow. A specifice breed of black cow, called Karam Pasu is brought to the Temple for puja.

As the Devi was like a student and Lord Jambukeswara like a Guru (teacher) in this temple, there is no Thiru Kalyanam (marriage) conducted in this temple for Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi, unlike the other Shiva temples. The Shrine of the Devi Akilandeshwari and the Shrine of  Lord Prasanna Vinayaka opposite the Devi Shrine are in the shape of the Pranava Mantra called "OM".

The Temple is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, where all the four most revered Nayanmars (Saivite Saints) have sung hyms in glory of the Deity in the Temple.

The Temple was built by Emperor Kocengannan Chola more than 1,800 years ago. The Temple has inscriptions which date from this period.

The Temple is currently under the administration of the HRCE Department, Government of TamilNadu. And the day to day affairs are vested with an officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner.




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